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Arthur Te Anini

Arthur Te Anini (Ngāti Whanaunga) wants Māori to see the benefits of having an advance care plan.

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Lianne Dalziel ACP endorsement

Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel recently had a conversation with her husband and friends about how she’d like to be cared for if she was dying.

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Dr Heather Robertson’s story

Dr Heather Roberston, Advance care planning clinical lead for Hauora Tairāwhiti, the district health board of Tairāwhiti, talks about how her serious car accident brought home the importance of sharing your ACP with loved ones.

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I am very accepting of the fact that I am dying, but I want to make sure that things in my life are sorted and I'm handing things over in a constructive way. People die on the roads every day and leave things in a total mess. It was useful having frank discussions with my doctors, and having built a personal relationship with my doctor and Anne my nurse was exceptionally helpful. For me it's a relief knowing that things are planned and in place. It makes for less to worry about. Having a clear medical plan (that can change!), that is flexible but also covers the key points is critical. It takes the guess work out when decisions become hard for myself, my family and the medical team if we all know what I actually desire... An Advance Care Plan is useful as it can help to overcome family conflict and makes it clear with family as much as with clinicians what I want. It also makes it easier for my doctor to have conversations with my family.

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